Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends, We are now able to open our Dojo’s and get back to contact training both in England and Wales.

Of course, some were able to start straight away others have had to take it slower. It would be good to know the positions of different Dojos and if you have had any problems with getting back into your Dojo! Also, how are your clubs…are members returning to practice in numbers? And what is your approach to the practice in the current situation i.e. masks, bubbles etc? 

Whatever you are doing for comfort in your own Dojos it is good to be back there. A couple of local courses have already been arranged this side of Christmas in Manchester and Cardiff with dates on the BAF site. 

We look forward to returning to National Courses in 2022 when we can all get back together, especially Summer School.

 It has been a difficult time in many ways, but now we can move forward. Aikido is there as it always is and I’m sure we will appreciate it more than ever.

 Looking forward to the Future 

Peter Gillard BAF Chair.