The structure of the B.A.F. teaching syllabus is closely based on that of the World Headquarters and not only proficiency of techniques but also correctness of manner and attitude is greatly emphasised.

Senior Instructors of the B.A.F conduct weekend courses throughout the year at Aikido centres all over the UK. The two major national courses: the Spring Course and the week-long Summer School have developed into international events attracting Aikido students from all over the world.

Thanks to its world-wide connections the British Aikido Federation stands very much in the mainstream of Aikido development, and by virtue of its close ties with the fountain-head of Aikido (Hombu Dojo, Tokyo) it maintains an orthodox direction in its teaching and development.

The original teaching of the Founder excluded any form of competition and emphasised the principles of non-aggression and harmony. The B.A.F. strongly maintains this attitude, and every effort is made to inculcate into our members the principles of non-violence and concern for others, both inside and outside the practice room.

In 1976, Minoru Kanetsuka became the Technical Director of the organisation which had been renamed the British Aikido Federation composed of affiliated clubs or Dojos from all over England and Wales. In 1978 the Scottish clubs previously affiliated to the B.A.F formed an independent Scottish Aikido Federation which maintains the closest links with the B.A.F. It is the only body in England and Wales with ‘Full Recognition’ from the Aikido World Headquarters (The Hombu Dojo, Tokyo) and membership of the International Aikido Federation.

The British Aikido Federation remains closely linked with the Aikido World Headquarters.

Regular visits are made to Britain by senior Japanese instructors to Conduct BAF Teaching Courses. All dan grades (black belt holders) within the B.A.F are recognised by the Hombu Dojo and registered with the International Aikido Federation, and receive certificates issued by the Head of the World Aikido Movement, the Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.

B.A.F Teaching Structure

The Structure of the B.A.F teaching syllabus is closely based on that of the Hombu Dojo, and not only proficiency of technique but also correctness of manner and attitude is greatly emphasised. Several national courses are held each year, conducted by senior members of the BAF. The two major national courses, the Spring Course and the week-long Summer School, attract many Aikido students from abroad.

See the Course Calendar for full details of all courses.

Insurance Details

All members of the B.A.F enjoy the benefits of both Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance; and all B.A.F Instructors have professional indemnity insurance, Sport of England recognised Level-2 coach certificates.

The B.A.F is a member of the Joint Aikikai Council, the governing body for Aikido organisations in the UK affiliated to the Aikikai Foundation (Hombu Dojo).

Senior instructors

Instructors of the British Aikido Federation

The Senior Instructors of the British Aikido Federation ( B.A.F) are listed below.

Shihan: Shihan is someone who has reached a high level of skill in an art or skill which does not rely for its effectiveness on academic learning. In aikido, it is used of anyone who has reached the prerequsite rank of  6th dan or above , the title is then normally awarded seperately by the Aikikai,six years or more after the promotion.

Shidoin: The term Shidoin comes from the Japanese Shi-do meaning ‘Guidance’. Shidoin means teacher and in the Aikido context means Senior Instructor. In the B.A.F two or more shidoin together can grade up to 2nd Kyu. They cannot grade members of their own Dojo.

Fukushidoin: fuku means assistant. In the B.A.F a Fukushidoin together with a Shidoin can grade up to 4th Kyu.


Grading Committee


Don Morgan – 7th Dan

Ian McClarence – 7th Dan

Ken Marsden – 7th Dan

Peter Gillard – 6th Dan

Steve Parr – 6th Dan


Colman Glynn – 6th Dan

Brian Smith – 6th Dan

Dave Yates  – 6th Dan



Alex Megann – 6th Dan

Allan Hagan – 6th Dan

Despina Kyriakou – 5th Dan

Rob Yates – 5th Dan

Andy King – 5th Dan

Russell Milton – 5th Dan

Andrew Marginson – 5th Dan



Arabella Braun – 4th Dan

Paul Hughes – 4th Dan

Gudrun Rieck – 4th Dan

Simon Fraser – 4th Dan

Caroline Smith – 4th Dan

Nick Belshaw – 4th Dan