Looking forward to Summer School – 2024

Now spring has arrived and 2024 moves into slightly better weather we look forward to our Aikido training through the year ahead.

Our course calendar roles forward, but our eyes are on the main event of the year, which is Summer School!

First and foremost Summer School is a celebration of Aikido, coming together to make new friends as we practice and develop our Aikido with people from near and far.

With the novice taking their first steps in the physical training required as Tori and Uke!

Along with the seniors improving their techniques,  with the chance to practice with new people from other Dojo’s and countries with a wide range of abilities.

Equally important is the chance for instructors and club secretaries to have discussions
regarding their clubs seeking or offering support or practice!

But importantly even for those who have practiced for many years Summer School brings the chance to gain a better understanding of our own Aikido practice amongst other seniors!

Summer School is our main event where other organisations and outsiders, including the visiting Hombu instructor, can experience the Aikido of the BAF and it’s instructors all in one week and one place! I look forward to seeing you all there.

Peter Gillard
BAF Chairman