Summer School 2022

What a week in Chester – the first BAF Summer School since 2019! Wall to wall sunshine, temperatures approaching 30 degrees, and Kanazawa sensei in fine form on his first trip outside Japan since the lockdowns. More than 120 students attended, and all participants were very happy to be back training, seeing familiar faces, and taking high quality instruction from one of Hombu’s most senior instructors along with the BAF’s own Sensei McClarence and Sensei Morgan, chief instructors for England and Wales respectively.

No question that the week was very challenging but that is the purpose after all! With daily weapons sessions before breakfast and late afternoon sessions following the 4 main daytime classes running in 2 separate dojos, there was enough to wear out even the most energetic students.
The climax of the week is always the senior grading, run by the visiting Hombu instructor, on Thursday morning. I am sure you will join me in congratulating all the candidates on their amazing efforts.

So now it is passed but leaving all those who were there with a wonderful new set of memories and new friendships forged on and off the mat.
Many thanks to the Summer School crew lead by Steve Parr. Already next year’s event is on people’s minds. We hope more BAF members will join us in Chester for this annual aikido event.

And now, back to normal training. Not as intense as the week in Chester but we can focus on developing our own fitness and skills.