First National Course …for a while

March 12th, Oxford, 4pm…the start time of the first BAF National Course since everything closed because of Covid. More than 2 years have passed.

How many would return? How would it be? Are we fit enough?

Happily – many came, fun was had by all, and we were nearly fit enough!

Seeing the friendly faces again and the enjoyment of normal practice was a great boost to the spirit.

Some members travelling for many hours to be there. Enthusiasm was present in abundance in both students and instructors. Ian McClarence 7th Dan travelled from Newcastle and Don Morgan 7th Dan travelled from Port Talbot, bringing their individual style and character to the Saturday and Sunday sessions.

Fitness overall – not too bad. Some aches and pains, yes, but it felt great to be back on the mat, once again to be struggling with the questions “why didn’t that work?” and “which way should I be moving?”.

Many thanks for all who supported the event – more than 70 people over the 2 days. A taste of the hard work that lies ahead in returning to fitness and improved practices.

The next National Course? That is in Malvern in late April! Time enough for the aches and pains to subside.