Matthew Holland Shihan

To BAF, SAF members and Friends

It is with a heavy heart I have to let you know that Allan Mackay has informed me of the passing of Matthew Holland Shihan.

Holland Sensei, although head of the Scottish Aikido Federation, always remained 100 per cent supportive of the BAF. I personally know how much he cared for the BAF and it’s members.

Some might not know that he was a senior member of the BAF for many years and sat on the committee, besides being a senior BAF instructor and touring many countries with Kanetsuka Shihan.

Sensei’s absence will be a huge loss for Summer School. His classes were always something to look forward to and you always left feeling you had learnt something and even something of your self going forward!

Aikido was Holland Sensei’s life. He came up the hard way studying close to Chiba Sensei for many years. He was always up in front ready to take ukami from who ever was taking the class.
There are too many stories to tell here.

He was respected for his Aikido in the UK and in other countries.
Certainly in Russia, Poland and Holland.
Along with South Africa and Hong Kong.

And personally speaking on visits to Japan, were he was also very respected, on trips to the IAF Congress along with Dave Yates and myself, there was no better person to have along side both at the Congress and outside of it.

Although our view of Aikido practice differed, we worked together and I will always be grateful for the advice both on the mat and in general regarding Aikido. He shared his thoughts for Aikido going forward, for both the SAF and the BAF.

The BAF has lost a good friend, and Aikido in the UK has lost an important part of its history and a master of Aikido.

We have been lucky to have shared Holland Sensei’s Aikido.
Those who grew up with Holland Sensei on their journey in this art will have their own stories to tell at this time.

We send our Deepest Condolences to Holland Sensei’s family, friends and members of the Scottish Aikido Federation. May he Rest in Peace.

Peter Gillard
BAF Chair