Kanetsuka Sensei

It is two short years since Kanetsuka Sensei passed on. 

Our thoughts go to Sensei’s Family at this time.

 For us all in the BAF and other students of Sensei being left without his instruction, direction, and advice, it left a hole in our practice. But Sensei would be telling us now most important is Keiko, Keiko, Keiko. Of course with this virus we have lost dojo time, so it is more important than ever when we come back, we work together to develop Sensei’s Aikido that he shared with us over the years together! We can repay all the years Sensei gave us  by working hard ourselves, and most importantly to pass on Sensei’s approach to the practice he worked so hard to develop all his life. Aikido without ego, and most importantly with heart.We may never reach the level of Sensei’s Aikido practice, but he left a path for us to walk and he will always be in our Dojos with us, in our memories, and our hearts! 

Peter Gillard Shihan BAF Chairman