2020 recommendations for promotion

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all well and looking forward to returning to Aikido in the not to distant future in your Dojos.

We would at this time be looking forward to Summer School but unfortunately this year due to the Covid-19 as you know the University cancelled our booking.
Also with the Government setting out the path of the lockdown it will be awhile before we can get back to full practice!

Part of our week at Summer School every year is the Yudansha grading and part of that are the special promotions.

So even though we cannot hold grading for the time being ,we can go ahead with special promotions.

So the Shihan and Technical Committee are recommending the following members for promotion this year.

Byron Thomas 6th Dan

Charles Judd. 5th Dan

Russell Milton. 5th Dan

Eric Gillett. 4th Dan

Michael Hudson. 3rd Dan

Simon McAsey. 3rd Dan

Andrew Radcliffe. 2nd Dan

Chris Coates. 2nd Dan

Eddie Sacre 2nd Dan

Mr. Steve Parr

Mr. Steve Parr has been a senior instructor in the North West for many years with his Dojo in Chester.

This year would have been Mr Parr’s 40th of organising the BAF Summer School with all that includes.
Everyone who has run a weekend local course will appreciate the work it must entail to organise Summer School in order to make sure everyone from the top to the first time visitors come away having had a worthwhile week.

Taking both these reasons into consideration we have taken the decision to recommend Mr Parr to the Hombu for the consideration of the position of Shihan

These recommendations will be considered by Hombu for a promotion announcement at the Kagami Birankai in January 2021 and at that point they are ratified?

On behalf of the BAF Shihan
Peter Gillard
BAF Chairman

Will all those who have been recommended for promotion get in touch with Steve to arrange sending their Yudansha cards etc .