Comment regarding insurance at this time

Dear JAC Member organisation contact,

In response to the BAB missive on withholding insurance to their members during the COVID 19 Lock down.

The JAC committee members have discussed the response of the BAB and have chosen to not react.

To suspend insurance would create a lot of work and expense because the JAC recently renewed the insurance with Hiscox. There is no provision for the present situation within the policy and cancellation at this stage would be subject to cancellation fees.

The membership would save little and the JAC would gain a significant expense to no real purpose.

Indeed, it would be impossible to calculate rebates etc on an individual scale as people will return to training at different times and for what they would get back, it creates much more work than it is reasonable to expect us to do.

We feel that the BAB have done this to actively stop people practising.

We also feel that the JAC membership is sensible enough to follow UK Gov directions and advice without issue or question in this unique time.

Best Regards

Joint Aikikai Council Committee