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Japan Disaster Fund

Dear friends,

At a BAF National Committee meeting held at Oxford on 20 March the tragedy in Japan was discussed.

As Aikido practitioners we have absorbed Japanese culture and more particularly Aikido from our Japanese Shihan; and the Japanese friends who attend our Summer School every year have brought strong connections and friendships between us and Japan.

Seeing the results of the earthquake and the tsunami on television and reading the report in the papers, it is beyond our imagination what it must be like for those in that situation; we cannot remain indifferent!  Therefore it has been proposed that the BAF should set up a fund to which dojos or individuals can contribute a donation towards aid for the countless victims of the disaster.

We will give thought and take advice on the best way we can channel our contributions towards the relief and comfort of at least some of those suffering immense deprivation.

Cheques should be made out to the BAF, accompanied by a note indicating that they are for the Japan relief fund.

Many thanks

Peter Gillard




BAF Chairman


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