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Summer School approaches!

Another year and another Summer School! Time passes quickly and the main event of the BAF year is upon us. With Kanazawa Sensei visiting from Japan we are guaranteed some exciting practice. A time to meet friends again. A time to extend oneself in training. Perhaps a time for grading. Whatever our personal goals we should remember that the Summer School week takes a lot of effort to organise, so we should not take it for granted and we should thank the Summer School team. Also, the event is well supported by non-BAF attendees - many from abroad - and we should be grateful for that. Over the years attendance by BAF members has fallen, which is disappointing, and also worrying. Support of our membership is necessary to keep these events alive - they need support and commitment or they will become difficult to sustain. 

These are good issues to talk about over a pint in the bar !

See you soon

Nick Belshaw  - your General Secretary