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Membership renewal changes - Important - Club secretarys must read

Membership Fees

As from 1st January 2017 Membership fees will be as follows:

   Seniors:  £35

 Students and Concessionary:  £25

    Juniors (up to 18 years):  £15

    Senior Citizens:  £20 (over 65)

    (Family group – 3 members and over: 75% of the total)

      Provisional membership (up to one month’s duration): £5

Membership Renewals

Membership renewals should be sent to the Membership Secretary at the following address:

By email to: (include details from the membership form or image of the membership form)


By Post to: BAF Membership Secretary 5 Waterloo Rd Cardiff CF23 5AD



Pay By Electronic Transfer:

Bank Sort Code: 20-65-18 Bank Account: 30209538

Note: don’t forget to add a reference so I know who it came from and send an accompanying email to

NB. Failure to do this may mean that your payment is not noticed and your renewal not processed.

Or as an interim measure pay by cheque

Note It will be the secretaries responsibility to write the certificate number and expiry date in the box at the front of the book where formerly the BAF stamp went.

E-Certificates of insurance will only be sent to the secretary by email. These are only available as e-certificates (not paper) if you wish you can print them and put them in your book – this would only be a personal preference it is not required.

Note: In order to be insured you need to be a paid-up member of the BAF and a BAF club. Insurance is not valid without this

Venue Insurance

Venue insurance has been reduced this year and is now £45.00p the process is similar to membership renewal except venue details as on the Dojo Affiliation form are required.

Instructors Insurance

This insurance is now part of your normal membership cover. There are no special requirements instructors insurance is allocated automatically (for registered instructors).

Newly qualified instructors MUST inform the membership secretary of their change of status and provide details of their certification and the certificate number a one off fee of £4 will be required (unless this event coincides with membership renewal).

Individual Renewals

Without using the club secretary, circumstances may mean that you cannot go through your club secretary and need to renew by yourself. The process is exactly the same as above. However it is doubly important to: send an accompanying email to

NB. Failure to do this may mean that your payment is not noticed and your renewal not processed.

New Members

The process remains the same in essence except that now you can use online banking to transfer the subscription money. Just ensure that the forms and or cheque are now sent to the above address.

Here are the process outlines: